Success Stories

Bill S.

Kansas City, KS

"You are lucky if you meet a small number of people who change your life. Adam is one of those people."

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Greg & Jennifer F.

San Diego, CA

"Adam brought a perfect balance of toughness & kindness, strength & softness, stability & flexibility into a very critical situation."

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Susan L.

Boston, MA

"Adam was not demanding or pushy and he paved the way for my son to agree to seek treatment."

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Craig B.

Spokane, WA

"Adam is very resourceful in understanding the entire process for the family and the loved one facing addiction."

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Janene G.

Portland, OR

"Adam flew down in a day's notice, helped plan and execute our intervention in a very loving yet firm manner."

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Brian S.

Orange County, CA

"Adam was able to accomplish in a few minutes what I had been unable to accomplish in past years."

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