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At a time when options seem endless and decisions overwhelming, we're here to streamline your journey and connect your loved one with the best-suited treatment.

We wholeheartedly understand how overwhelming it can be to find the right treatment facility for your loved one, especially when faced with countless options and advertisements. Here’s how we make the process simpler and more trustworthy for you:

From the outset, we prioritize family involvement. Before delving into the nuances of residential care or any other type of treatment, we walk alongside you, offering tailored advice. Our aim? To ensure you’re not just informed, but also confident in the choices you’re making for your loved one.

Navigating the myriad of treatment options is daunting. That’s why we’ve taken it upon ourselves to carefully evaluate each program. You won’t get a generic list from us. Instead, after a thorough assessment of your family’s needs, we’ll guide you towards programs that are not only clinically effective but also ethically sound. To put it plainly, we only recommend places we’d trust with our own family.

The journey of recovery is a continuous one, and the relationship between you, your loved one, and the treatment facility is crucial. With all the proper permissions in place, we ensure that there’s clear communication throughout the treatment. This way, the bond of family recovery only grows stronger. And once the initial phase of treatment is over, we’re still there for you, guiding you towards the best aftercare, outpatient services, and ongoing support options to keep your loved one on the path to success.

Questions & Answers

We're here to answer your questions.

Can I keep my job while in treatment?

There are often more options than what might seem readily available. Our team can work with you to help you determine what you may be eligible for, in order to complete treatment and continue working and / or keep your job.

What if the addict refuses treatment?

We can continue working with the individual in counseling and with the family in family recovery until the person agrees to go to treatment. Timing is important; often we have to wait until their current situation becomes too uncomfortable for the individual to live with. For some, it happens quickly; for others, counseling and more time can prove beneficial in helping the person choose to go treatment.

Families In Recovery "It's hard to fully express the lengths to which Adam went to ensure the intervention worked." Bill S. | Kansas City, KS

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