Comprehensive Interventions

Our intervention process is a time-tested process of structure mixed with specialized steps to best serve your family.

Our Process

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As a social worker and interventionist, my primary focus is discovering the right fit treatment for people and their families struggling with addiction and mental health.

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We help those in the PNW and beyond.

We travel all over the country to help families hold the tough conversations dealing with addiction. For an intervention to be successful, timing is paramount. We work quickly to arrange travel plans and typically hold an intervention 1 to 2 weeks after our first call - no matter where you are.

The Intervention Process

The First Call

During the consultation call, the interventionist will begin by asking detailed questions about your love one’s story. This is a a brief biological, psychological, and sociological assessment to determine the most effective approach for your family and getting started.


Once we decide to move forward together, FCS creates a service agreement and secures your deposit. We'll begin our efforts of identifying and getting into contact with potential intervention members to create a clear map and schedule of communication.

Member Interviews

A perspective interview is conducted via telephone with each potential team member to build a family map. We discuss ILO’s history of drug/alcohol use, trauma, and other factors pertinent to the upcoming intervention. The insights provided from these discussions will greatly assist us in custom-tailoring a treatment plan, based on your loved one's needs and financial support.

Intervention Prep

After we've built finished our interviews and created a treatment plan, we confirm the included members and schedule the intervention with you. Private emails are sent out emails with a writing assignment attached to help in preparation for the pre-intervention family meeting.

Family Meeting

The family meeting is held the day before the actual intervention and begins with some education around the disease of addiction. We'll then review the member's writing assignments and answer any questions or concerns the team may have. To conclude, we hold a small rehearsal of the intervention and talk about the "what if's" of the coming event.

The Intervention

Typically, the morning after the family meeting is when we'll all meet at a pre-determined location and facilitate the intervention. Following the conversation, the interventionist travels with the addict to the treatment facility.

Success Stories

"You are lucky if you meet a small number of people who change your life. Adam is one of those people."

Bill S., Kansas City, KS

"Adam brought a perfect balance of toughness & kindness, strength & softness, stability & flexibility into a very critical situation."

Greg & Jennifer F., San Diego, CA

"Adam was not demanding or pushy and he paved the way for my son to agree to seek treatment."

Susan L., Boston, MA

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We bring hope and provide direction to families and their loved ones struggling with addiction.

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