An intervention is a gathering of supportive friends and family who desire to help their struggling family member make a decision to change their life for the better.

Initial Consultation

The purpose of the first phone call is to learn about your loved one, the family system, and answer questions. It is important we identify how we can help move your loved one towards recovery. We also want to learn about your unique family system. Where is the power, who is enabling, who is helping and how do we get this group to come together for one common goal. We listen to how our experience and education can help shape the intervention to ensure the best outcome.

Starting the Process

After we’ve determined our experience and expertise is a good match, we will send an agreement of engagement. Next, we will gather contact information and begin reaching out to potential team members. A family preparation packet will be sent out, and a general timeline for the process.

Family Education

When families realize each individual member has a role to play in the process, they can begin to come together. In order for someone struggling with substance use disorder to change, family systems must change. This change begins with behavioral health education including: addiction, mental health, disordered eating. We develop a family map or a genogram to help families understand the relationship between behavioral health and family history.


Questions & Answers


What if the addict refuses treatment?


We can continue working with the individual in counseling and with the family in family recovery until the person agrees to go to treatment. Timing is important; often we have to wait until their current situation becomes too uncomfortable for the individual to live with. For some, it happens quickly; for others, counseling and more time can prove beneficial in helping the person choose to go treatment.

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What if I don’t know whether the person has hit “rock bottom?”


People tend to believe that people struggling with substance abuse need to hit a rock bottom before they can change. An intervention is designed to bring “the bottom” to your loved one.


What role does our family play in recovery?


Our emphasis on and attention to family recovery plays a pivotal role in helping the individual on the road to recovery. Our family-centered approach sets us apart from other providers and is a great factor in determining long-term success. Going to treatment, being successful in treatment and maintaining healthy relationships is paramount to a better future.

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We Come To You

We travel all over the US to walk families through the uncomfortable conversations in order to get their loved one the help they need.

Adam is very resourceful in understanding the entire process for the family and the loved one facing addiction.

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