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Rebuilding trust in early and long-term recovery is a key objective to foster healing and repair the family unit. When clients are involved in a committed, long-term accountability program, their chances of success increase up to 85%.

Our Case Management services incorporate a variety of accountability programs to track and share the progress of your loved one’s recovery post-treatment. With tools like SoberLink and routine drug testing, our goal is clear: rebuild trust during early and long-term recovery and strengthen family ties. When clients engage wholeheartedly in these accountability programs, the success rate climbs to an impressive 85%.

For those battling alcohol use disorder, we highly recommend SoberLink. It not only promotes individual accountability but also has been shown to boost long-term recovery rates from alcoholism. Families benefit from SoberLink as it enables them to be a part of the recovery journey, reinforcing trust and offering peace of mind. For the individual in recovery, SoberLink acts as a bridge to their support circle, fostering responsibility, routine, and a clear record of sobriety.

For individuals dealing with other substance dependencies, we’ve teamed up with Recovery Trek’s Better Drug Tests to facilitate at-home, DNA-authenticated drug testing. These tests are safe, confidential, and designed to enhance accountability and trust through random screenings.

Families In Recovery "Adam's approach was not domineering or insistent. He smoothly paved the path for my son to agree to treatment" Susan L. | Boston, MA

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