Build a recovery plan unique to your family.

We prioritize a shared recovery experience, guiding families to heal together. Our case management lays the foundation for renewed trust, open dialogue, and an empowered journey forward.

At Family-Centered Services, we champion a therapist-driven comprehensive case management approach that transforms recovery into a collective family experience. We professionally assess, plan, execute, and monitor each step to meet both the client’s and the family’s unique needs, laying the groundwork for enduring recovery.

Our foremost mission involves treating the entire family, laying down a path for lasting recovery. We rebuild trust, drive change within family dynamics, and establish communication channels grounded in honesty and respect. By actively replacing destructive habits with constructive boundaries, we ensure the family’s progression towards a healthier dynamic.

Our therapy team plays a pivotal role. They hold both the client and their family accountable, motivating and guiding every family member through the healing journey. This hands-on approach offers direction, fostering a deep sense of community and understanding throughout the recovery process.

Education stands at the heart of our services. Our therapists delve deep, enlightening families about addiction’s complexities, the need for clear boundaries, the challenges of codependency, and the pitfalls of enabling behaviors. They also equip families with robust communication strategies, tools for early recovery, and measures for preventing relapse.

Families In Recovery "Before meeting Jenny, I could envision what I wanted for my future but I had no plan on how to get there. She consistently enables me to be the best version of myself." Maggie M. | Spokane, WA

Education & Accountability

Devise an action place to support the family to let go of their own denial and negative reactions to codependency, enabling behaviors and historic patterns of unhealthy patterns in relationships

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