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We are Adam and Jenny Finley

We are masters-level, licensed mental health therapists. We specialize in addiction treatment, mental health concerns and recovery. We walk families through the complex process of helping break the cycle of addiction and create long term change.

Redefining Recovery

We're on a mission to elevate the entire recovery journey, emphasizing both the individual and their families.

We are Adam and Jenny Finley. For over a decade, we’ve helped hundreds of families and their loved ones orchestrate and carry out lasting, family-driven recovery plans. We believe our comprehensive, bottom-up approach to addiction recovery through family therapy is central to long-term healing.

Throughout our careers, we’ve noticed some concerning patterns and practices in the recovery process. All too often, recovery is mistakenly viewed as the final step, rather than the beginning of a lifelong journey of healing. This misperception leads many individuals to relapse due to insufficient aftercare and support. We also believe that the prevailing narrative has been skewed, focusing predominantly on “the addict” and not enough on the intricacies of their family system. This narrow viewpoint leaves families feeling marginalized, with many under the misconception that their involvement concludes once their loved one enters treatment.

Recognizing these significant gaps, we envisioned a different approach. We champion a holistic recovery model that equally prioritizes the individual in recovery and their family. Through our efforts at FCS, we educate, nurture, and guide families, ensuring they are central to their loved one’s recovery journey. Our mission is to empower families to walk hand-in-hand with their recovering members, fostering understanding and lasting healing.

Families In Recovery "Adam jumped in with a mix of confidence, understanding, skill, and kindness that we didn't even know we needed." Greg & Jennifer F. | San Diego, CA

Experienced Family Therapists

We have assembled an incredible team of seasoned professionals in the fields of mental health, family therapy, and addiction recovery.

Through a range of experiences and expertise, we utilize personalized and compassionate methods to support individuals and families on their journey to recovery.

Every member is dedicated to empowering individuals, facilitating growth, and promoting healing while recognizing the transformative power of personal insight and supportive care.

Adam J. Finley

MSW, MA, LICSWA, CIP Certified Intervention Professional Adam is a Master’s Level Clinician, who is also a Certified Intervention Professional with years of professional and personal experience specializing in addiction recovery.

Jenny L. Finley

MA, LMHC, SUDP Licensed Mental Health Counselor / Substance Use Disorder Professional Jenny is passionate about helping individuals and families find resolution in addiction, family conflict, and mental health concerns.

Tami Minchow

MSW, LICSWA Therapist Tami specializes in working with individuals in a compassionate and non-judgmental way to help them find and maintain recovery.

Caitlin Pitchon

MA, LMHCA Therapist With a profound understanding of the challenges faced by individuals and their families in the journey of recovery, Caitlin draws upon her personal experience with addiction to provide unwavering support.

Dr. Louise Stanger

EdD, LCSW, CDWF, CIP, CSAT-1 Clinician-Interventionist-Author-Keynote Speaker and Trainer Dr. Louise is no stranger to adversity. Born on a fault line of trauma, she knows what it is like to grow up with a family beset with anxiety, depression, substance misuse, death by suicide.

Andrea Foran

LMFT, LCPC, LAC Therapist Andrea resides just outside of Missoula Montana, she is originally from Spokane, Washington and has been working in the field of addiction and family therapy since 2009.

Amber Dunham

MSW, LICSWA, SUDP Therapist Amber's approach is client-centered and strengths-based, emphasizing the importance of building on each individual's innate abilities.

Kim Rohwer

SUDP Case Manager Kim is an experienced Substance Use Disorder Professional specializing in connecting families with resources and creating personalized support networks in the field of behavioral health.

Empower, grow, and heal together.

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