Jenny and Adam are the only Master’s Level Licensed Intervention Team in the Pacific Northwest.

Family Centered Services offers recovery support and intervention services for individuals and families affected by substance use and mental health disorders.

Intervention Services An intervention is necessary when your loved one is on a self-destructive path of poor decisions usually revolving around mental health issues, addiction or addictive behaviors that could eventually end in significant physical or mental injuries, legal issues, or death. Addiction is a progressive disease that often requires professional intervention in order to break the addiction cycle. Many people experiencing dependence on a substance are unaware of the full impact that substance is having on their lives due to the strong component of denial. Interventions help all parties affected by the problem to push past this denial to gain a better understanding and acceptance.

Family Centered Services & Interventions, LLC Adam Finley, MSW, MBH, LICSWA, CIP Jenny Finley, MA, LMHC, SUDP PO Box 18928, Spokane, WA 99228 Adam: 509-991-5822; Jenny: 425-445-2513;

Meet Our Team

Adam J. Finley

MSW, MBH, LICSWA Certified Intervention Professional

Adam Finley is a CIP-Certified Pacific Northwest-based interventionist with years of professional and personal experience specializing in addiction recovery.

Adam has held various positions throughout his time working in recovery including positions in operations, admissions and marketing. Adam specializes in counseling families through the process of finding their loved one the appropriate drug and alcohol treatment program.

Using a communication-driven approach, he regularly visits homes to facilitate family interventions to help motivate individuals to get to treatment.

Adam is passionate about helping addicts and alcoholics achieve sobriety. He is grateful to be able to witness and take part in the reunification of families and instill hope, happiness and freedom within others.

Jenny L. Jensen

MA, LMHC, CDP Licensed Mental Health Counselor

Jenny Jensen is a Masters-level Licensed Mental Health Therapist (LMHC) and Chemical Dependency Professional (CDP) in the State of Washington with a genuine desire to fight the disease of addiction. Jenny received her Bachelor’s degree in Sociology from the University of Washington, her Chemical Dependency Professional certification through the Alcohol and Drug Counseling program at Bellevue College and then received her Masters degree in Counseling Psychology from Northwest University. She is an active person in long-term recovery from addiction, further enhancing her ongoing ability to compassionately relate to others with similar struggles.

Jenny has experience working with family members and loved ones of individuals struggling with substance abuse and mental health disorders. Jenny understands that addiction is a disease that impacts the entire family and that recovery is also a family matter. She has developed various Family Programs to help educate others about addiction and to cultivate healing and to support the reunification process among families.