Kim is an experienced Substance Use Disorder Professional specializing in connecting families with resources and creating personalized support networks in the field of behavioral health.

Kim is a Substance Use Disorder Professional (SUDP), dedicated to supporting families confronting behavioral health challenges. She holds an undergraduate degree in psychology from the University of Washington and has 14 years of experience in the field. Her expertise lies in fostering community connections and offering fresh perspectives to families in need of higher levels of care.

Kim is actively involved in the 12-step program and explores various alternative modalities in the Seattle/Eastside area. She collaborates with the University of Washington, facilitating connections to external mental health and substance use resources. Notably, she specializes in creating support networks tailored to individuals with similar ages, interests, and challenges.

In her role, Kim provides specialized guidance and serves as a family case manager. She is instrumental in linking families with essential resources across the West Coast. Her responsibilities include conducting on-site family interactions and assessments, which contribute valuable insights, aiding in the development of personalized treatment plans by clinical teams.