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Drawing from our combined expertise and experiences, we offer a holistic approach to addiction treatment, emphasizing the crucial role of family involvement and providing comprehensive therapeutic tools for lasting recovery.

Understanding addiction requires recognizing its wide-ranging impact. It’s not only the individual grappling with substance use who feels the effects; the entire family does. When a family member faces addiction, whether to alcohol, drugs, or both, it creates ripples that touch everyone close to them. Given this, our approach is holistic: we view addiction as a family affair and believe that the path to recovery involves everyone.

Recent research consistently shows the benefits of family involvement in addiction treatment. When families participate actively in the process, the results are more promising and long-lasting. Our commitment is to walk alongside your whole family, enhancing the likelihood of a brighter recovery journey for your loved one.

Our comprehensive program takes a layered approach. It offers clear information about addiction, facilitates sessions of self-reflection, encourages open emotional conversations, and employs therapeutic techniques for profound healing. The goal is to ensure that your family, as a unit, finds the strength and resources to overcome the challenges addiction presents.

Families In Recovery "Adam's approach was not domineering or insistent. He smoothly paved the path for my son to agree to treatment" Susan L. | Boston, MA

Your Family Therapy Team

Our team of licensed mental health experts is a collective of seasoned professionals who specialize in family therapy. With a compassionate approach and extensive expertise, they are dedicated to guiding families through the intricate journey of healing and understanding.

Jenny L. Finley

MA, LMHC, SUDP Licensed Mental Health Counselor / Substance Use Disorder Professional Jenny is passionate about helping individuals and families find resolution in addiction, family conflict, and mental health concerns.

Tami Minchow

MSW, LICSWA Therapist Tami specializes in working with individuals in a compassionate and non-judgmental way to help them find and maintain recovery.

Caitlin Pitchon

MA, LMHCA Therapist With a profound understanding of the challenges faced by individuals and their families in the journey of recovery, Caitlin draws upon her personal experience with addiction to provide unwavering support.

Andrea Foran

LMFT, LCPC, LAC Therapist Andrea resides just outside of Missoula Montana, she is originally from Spokane, Washington and has been working in the field of addiction and family therapy since 2009.

Amber Dunham

MSW, LICSWA, SUDP Therapist Amber's approach is client-centered and strengths-based, emphasizing the importance of building on each individual's innate abilities.

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