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Your path to recovery, no matter how winding, deserves a trusted guide. We've helped countless individuals navigate their journeys, and we're here for you too.

Transitioning in and out of treatment centers is a particularly delicate period for those in addiction recovery. The recovering brain, susceptible to old patterns, might entertain thoughts such as “just one last time,” or be misled into believing it’s completely free from the clutches of addiction. A single misstep during these moments can put weeks or even months of hard-earned recovery progress at risk.

At Family-Centered Services, we understand the importance of continuous support- thus we proudly offer sober transportation services across the nation. Regardless of where the destination lies, how the journey is undertaken, or the trip’s duration, we strive to ensure that every individual in recovery has unwavering support, making sobriety their paramount focus.

Our sober companions are not just randomly selected; they undergo rigorous training to prepare them for this pivotal role. Drawing from years of experience, they stand ready to provide guidance, reassurance, and steadfast support at every juncture, ensuring the individual’s commitment to recovery remains strong.

Travel complexities should never be a hindrance. Whether the journey involves multiple layovers or necessitates overnight stays in hotels, our commitment remains unchanged. We are present every step of the way, ensuring that the path to recovery remains clear and uninterrupted, no matter where it leads.

Family-Centered Services is wholly devoted to supporting you or your loved ones throughout the journey, ensuring the road to recovery remains steadfast.

Families In Recovery "Adam jumped in with a mix of confidence, understanding, skill, and kindness that we didn't even know we needed." Greg & Jennifer F. | San Diego, CA

Ensure a safe passage to recovery.

Our team is connected to sober companions all over the US. We can line up support to ensure your loved one enters treatment.

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