Adam is a Master’s Level Clinician, who is also a Certified Intervention Professional with years of professional and personal experience specializing in addiction recovery.

Adam brings an impressive academic background with dual master’s degrees in Social Work and Behavioral Health. As a Master’s Level Clinician, he is also recognized as a Certified Intervention Professional, a testament to his years of both professional and personal dedication in the realm of addiction recovery.

Throughout his esteemed career in the behavioral health sector, Adam has served in various pivotal roles. From operations to admissions and marketing, his vast experience has honed his expertise, making him a sought-after figure in the field.

One of Adam’s core specialties is guiding families during the challenging journey of identifying the most suitable drug and alcohol treatment programs for their loved ones. More than just placing individuals in programs, Adam is committed to supporting families throughout this process, ensuring they receive the necessary care and guidance even after the treatment concludes.

Adopting a unique, communication-centric approach, Adam frequently conducts visits to households, spearheading family interventions. These sessions are designed to inspire and motivate affected individuals to seek treatment. Furthermore, he offers recovery coaching and psychoeducation, aiming to assist those grappling with the complex repercussions of addiction.

Above all, Adam’s passion lies in witnessing the transformative journey of individuals reclaiming their lives from addiction and aiding their families in the process. Observing the reconnection of families and kindling hope, joy, and a sense of freedom in them is what fuels his dedication and gratitude every day.