Janene G.

Portland, OR

Adam is a top-tier interventionist, possessing a unique blend of professionalism and deep empathy. Recognizing the pressing need for my brother to get immediate assistance, he responded to our call with a level of urgency that touched our hearts. He made himself available and flew down with just a day’s notice, truly stepping up when we needed him the most.

Adam didn’t just step in; he became a vital part of our family, helping to plan and conduct the intervention. His approach was loving but firm, a balance that showed us he genuinely cared, yet understood the severity of the situation.

The result was astonishing – my brother transitioned from denial to readiness for rehab in a mere five minutes. It was a transformative moment for our family, one that we owe to Adam’s timely intervention.

Adam was there for us in one of the most challenging periods of our lives. I wholeheartedly recommend his services to any family struggling with the complexity of addiction. His swift, compassionate, and effective intervention can truly turn lives around.

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