Devon & Lisa

Rathdrum, ID
Adam and Jenny were involved in the intervention for our son. They were compassionate, encouraging, and supportive.

Adam was knowledgeable about interventions and guided us through the entire process. Jenny came along side him and was there for the intervention and supported us as Adam transported our son to a treatment facility. Jenny has been providing counseling for us since our son went to treatment and and has helped us understand what our role is now and how to best help our son and ourselves.

During our sons stay at the treatment facility he chose to leave for a few days, it was extremely stressful and scary for us because he took nothing with him and was far from home in a place where he knew no one. Jenny and Adam were very compassionate and supportive during this time and helped us get through it.

Our son is doing very well right now and continues to pursue his recovery. We feel that if we did not have the help of Adam and Jenny he would not have gone into treatment and our family would still be in crisis, struggling to survive.

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