Bill S.

Kansas City, KS

Reaching the decision to stage an intervention for a family member was terrifying for us. If you’re reading this, you likely know exactly how we felt.

From the moment Adam entered our lives, he confidently took the reins. Not in a domineering manner, but with calm assurance. He walked us through every step of the process, explaining what would happen, when, where, and how we should respond. He assured us he could make the intervention happen.

Sure, the intervention had its share of heartbreaking moments, but Adam was right there with us, guiding us.

It’s hard to fully express the lengths to which Adam went to ensure the intervention worked. He was assertive when necessary, with our loved one and with us, yet knew when to step back. Watching his skill in managing the process was inspiring. His professionalism and experience were invaluable.

Despite a long, stressful day, by the end, our loved one left with Adam for rehab. As I write this, our dear family member is in rehab, receiving the necessary care.

None of this would’ve been possible without Adam Finley.

Even though his “official duties” are over, Adam still keeps in touch, lending a hand when we need it.

Sometimes in life, you come across a handful of people who make a profound impact. Adam is one of those rare gems. He might have just saved the life of someone we deeply love.

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