Sandy W.

Adam and Andrea played a crucial role in getting my sister to treatment. You're a godsend to all of us.

While you took Mary to UT, we stayed behind to help Paige and Joey in the home, as they tied up loose ends with their mom’s business and house affairs.The girls have so impressed us with their organization and drive to help their mom recover while taking care of her affairs.

This experience, that of helping our sister, mother and friend, will always stay with me. It was hard, yet so necessary. While listening to a podcast today, the phrase, ‘If you really love someone, you tell them hard things’ was stated. We said some hard things that needed to be said.

Both of your professionalism in the matter helped Mary out the door and on to recovery. We can’t thank you enough and wish you both continued success in your careers of helping others with their addictions. You were a godsend to all of us. Thank you…

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