Greg & Jennifer F.

San Diego, CA

Our loved one was in bad shape, and we were lost, scared, and feeling pretty helpless. We needed someone who could help us navigate these dark, unknown waters, and Adam was our lighthouse. He jumped in with a mix of confidence, understanding, skill, and kindness that we didn’t even know we needed.

Throughout the whole process, it was clear Adam knew what he was doing, and it helped keep us calm during one of the hardest days of our lives. He was the perfect mix of tough and gentle, strong and sensitive, steady yet flexible when we needed him to be.

It’s like Adam was born to do this. He has this amazing knack for connecting with and guiding families, and at the same time, gently leading the person struggling with addiction to the help they need.

And it worked. Our family member started treatment that day, all thanks to Adam. We’re forever in his debt. During a time when nothing was certain, having someone as sure and caring as Adam on our side meant the world to us. We can’t recommend him enough!

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