Greg & Jennifer F.

San Diego, CA
Adam was there for our family in a time of great need.

We knew our family member desperately needed to get treatment. We felt scared, unsure, and in many ways helpless. We needed someone to guide us into this scary, unchartered territory, and Adam did just that with confidence, empathy, skill, and kindness.

Throughout our experience with Adam, my family and I had the sense that Adam was in complete control and knew what he was doing every step of the way. This helped us all remain calm and get through an excruciatingly difficult day. Adam brought the perfect balance of toughness and kindness, strength and softness, stability and flexibility into a very critical situation.

Clearly, Adam has found his calling. He has a special gift of connecting with, directing, and caring for the family, all the while skillfully and compassionately guiding the addict to treatment.

Our family member went to treatment that day, thanks to Adam. We will be forever grateful for Adam. At a time when there were so many unknowns, it was extremely reassuring to have someone as confident and caring as Adam by our side. We cannot recommend Adam enough!

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