Craig B.

Spokane, WA
I am not sure where to start with my recommendation for Adam. Having now experienced the addiction of a family member, I can honestly say this has been one of the most frightening experiences that we've faced as a family.

Making the right decision on a treatment facility is also extremely difficult as the fear of leaving your loved one in harm’s way is overwhelming. Choosing a professional that can teach us all how to survive and thrive with a loved one facing the serious consequences of addiction is one of the most difficult decisions you will face.

My family’s first experience with a detox treatment facility was a failure and my son walked away…and this was supposedly a successful expensive treatment facility. This facility lacked the human qualities and the passion we found with our professional connection with Adam Finley.

We brought Adam in to do an intervention with our son. Adam is very resourceful in understanding the entire process for the family and the loved one facing addiction. Adam was very professional at working with the family on our emotions, learning effective communication, and guiding us through the intervention process. Adam executed a successful intervention with my son and to get him to treatment to Hotel California By the Sea in Newport Beach, California.

As I write this recommendation my son is nearing 120 days of treatment and sobriety. Our decision to work with Adam and the staff at Hotel California is quite possibly what I feel my one life experience of witnessing a miracle in progress. We are forever grateful for Adam and he is truly passionate about addiction recovery and will help many families succeed through a very horrible time with a loved one.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts Adam!

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