When Love is Not Enough: The Lois Wilson Story

William G. Borchert

“When Love Is Not Enough: The Lois Wilson Story” is a heartfelt American film. Based on a true story, it explores the enduring but troubled love between Lois Wilson, co-founder of Al-Anon, and her alcoholic husband, Bill Wilson, co-founder of Alcoholics Anonymous. In 1914, Lois, a college-educated woman from an affluent family, falls in love with Bill, a young man of modest means. They marry in 1918, and despite Bill’s struggles with alcoholism, Lois showers him with love and support. As Bill’s disease spirals out of control, Lois desperately tries to manage it alone. However, Bill finds lasting sobriety through the support of fellow alcoholic Dr. Bob Smith, co-founding AA. As Bill and Bob thrive, Lois feels neglected and isolated. She discovers she’s not alone in her pain and co-founds Al-Anon in 1951 to help others like her. The film portrays resilience, compassion, and the transformative power of shared experiences.

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