Risky Drinking

Ellen Goosenberg Kent , Perri Peltz

“Risky Drinking” is an HBO documentary that investigates the broad spectrum of alcohol use disorder (AUD) at different ages and stages in people’s lives. Through intimate case studies, the film challenges viewers to recognize when their drinking may be putting them at risk. It offers valuable information that could help millions of Americans lead healthier lives. The documentary features four individuals with vastly different backgrounds: Kenzie: A young professional who occasionally binge drinks as a social lubricant and to escape stress. Single Mom: Her drinking has escalated beyond social levels. Ex-Pat: Heavy drinking jeopardizes his family relationships. Young Grandfather: Physically dependent on alcohol, his life hangs in the balance. Experts provide insights into the science behind AUD, treatment options, and specific risks. “Risky Drinking” serves as a cautionary tale, urging us to confront our own drinking habits and prioritize well-being.

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