Parched: A Memoir

Heather King

“Parched: A Memoir” is a powerful and unflinching account of the author’s life nearly on the lam. The memoir chronicles her descent into alcoholism, spanning over twenty years. From her early drinking as a young teenager to a lifestyle of dive bars, the author grapples with self-loathing and addiction. Her journey takes us from a small-town New England childhood to hitchhiking across the country and eventually to a cockroach-ridden “artist’s” loft in Boston. Despite graduating from law school, she becomes a morning regular at a wet-brain-drunks’ bar. Saved by her family from the abyss, the author realizes that her poetic, sensitive nature coexists with being a big-time mess. Through suffering, compassion, and a sense of humor, she finds redemption and a shared humanity with others in pain.

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