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The complex world of addiction and its toll on your family can be overwhelming. We're here to answer your questions and speak candidly about the intervention process and the lifelong work ahead.

People tend to believe that people struggling with substance abuse need to hit a rock bottom before they can change. An intervention is designed to bring “the bottom” to your loved one.
Our emphasis on and attention to family recovery plays a pivotal role in helping the individual on the road to recovery. Our family-centered approach sets us apart from other providers and is a great factor in determining long-term success. Going to treatment, being successful in treatment and maintaining healthy relationships is paramount to a better future.
We can continue working with the individual in counseling and with the family in family recovery until the person agrees to go to treatment. Timing is important; often we have to wait until their current situation becomes too uncomfortable for the individual to live with. For some, it happens quickly; for others, counseling and more time can prove beneficial in helping the person choose to go treatment.
There are often more options than what might seem readily available. Our team can work with you to help you determine what you may be eligible for, in order to complete treatment and continue working and / or keep your job.
We begin with a 30 minute call/zoom to discuss your situation and history. To make real progress, we want to make sure we're a good fit for you and your family. Get In Touch
It is our policy that we meet in-person. In-person recovery therapy fosters a genuine, undistracted connection, enabling therapists to glean insights from subtle cues and body language. By being physically present in a controlled environment, clients benefit from immediate support and a richer therapeutic experience.
The frequency of our sessions is determined by our initial and ongoing assessment of your needs as well as your goals. To start, we usually meet once a week. The family recovery process is not only a group effort, it is a committed and practiced one. From week to week, we may meet with the entire family, smaller groups or individually based on our clinical assessment and collaborative input of your needs.
Typically, a session is 50 minutes. Depending on the size and situation for your family, we may go longer.

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