Interventions bring families and friends together in a show of support and accountability. Folks struggling with SUD (substance use disorder) often feel alone and at the same time take on the “victim mentality”. They often act as a chameleon; living different lives in order to continue in their addiction.

Denial, a lack of real consequences and fear about withdrawal symptoms can overwhelm and paralyze a person in the grip of addiction. The timing is never right for the individual and often the family. Common language from families is, “If they could just get a job.” Or, “If they just met the right person, or moved in with us, or didn’t have such a rough childhood.” A professional interventionist is an outside party skilled in managing family systems in a time of crisis. An intervention is a critical first step; whether the person makes the choice to accept help in that moment or not. Recovery is still possible.

A “no” — is the beginning of change. The cycle of addiction is complex; the time in which a person is finally ready to turn away from doing life “their way” can vary. Our certified interventionists and licensed mental health counselors work closely with individuals and their families to ensure both are supported.