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When individuals go to treatment, they are doing their own work. This leaves the family with questions and anxiety over what comes next. Our licensed therapists expand the counseling experience to the entire family - for the best chance at a healthy recovery for everyone.

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Jenny Finley is passionate about helping individuals and families find resolution in addiction, conflict, and eating disorders. She specializes in working with people struggling with substance use, eating disorders and other mental health concerns.

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Family Recovery

Questions & Answers


What role does our family play in recovery?


Our emphasis on and attention to family recovery plays a pivotal role in helping the individual on the road to recovery. Our family-centered approach sets us apart from other providers and is a great factor in determining long-term success. Going to treatment, being successful in treatment and maintaining healthy relationships is paramount to a better future.

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How long are therapy sessions?


Typically, a session is 50 minutes. Depending on the size and situation for your family, we may go longer.


How frequently do we meet?


The frequency of our sessions is determined by our initial and ongoing assessment of your needs as well as your goals. To start, we usually meet once a week. The family recovery process is not only a group effort, it is a committed and practiced one. From week to week, we may meet with the entire family, smaller groups or individually based on our clinical assessment and collaborative input of your needs.


How do we meet?


The format of our session can adapt to your availability – online, over the phone or in person (and distanced!). Whatever setting makes you most comfortable is where we want to be.


How Do We Get Started?


We begin with a 30 minute call/zoom to discuss your situation and history. To make real progress, we want to make sure we’re a good fit for you and your family.
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Success Stories

"You are lucky if you meet a small number of people who change your life. Adam is one of those people."

Bill S., Kansas City, KS

"Adam brought a perfect balance of toughness & kindness, strength & softness, stability & flexibility into a very critical situation."

Greg & Jennifer F., San Diego, CA

"Adam was not demanding or pushy and he paved the way for my son to agree to seek treatment."

Susan L., Boston, MA

We Help Families

Everyone plays a role in the road to recovery. We work with each member of your family to build an intervention plan.

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