What does an intervention cost?

By Adam Finley Read time: 1 minute

Families we speak with are concerned about the potential cost of treatment and recovery can keep people from getting the help they or their loved ones need, in some cases, to survive.

The reality is treatment options for addiction are as diverse as the people it affects. Family Centered Services is connected to highly regarded treatment facilities in Washington, Southern California, Arizona, Utah, and more. Some are for both men and women, and others are women or men only. Some are in urban areas, while others are in rural communities. Our caring team works closely with the person and their family to consider options for the environment that gives them the best chance at long term recovery.

Additionally, there are programs that accommodate any income level. Many take into account employer or private insurance and private pay.

Whatever your situation, FCS is passionate about getting people the help they need to lead productive, healthier lives.

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What does an intervention cost?

The reality is, treatment options for addiction are just as diverse as the people it affects.

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